Must Read After My Death

Posted by giganticdigital on Jan. 14, 2009

Allis and Charley were independent thinkers raising a family of four in 1960s Hartford, Connecticut. But problems began to emerge in their marriage and home life, and their bold family experiment slowly and inexorably descended into a mire of confusion and turmoil, sped along by a battalion of psychiatrists. Spun by Allis and Charley's grandson, filmmaker Morgan Dews, from a treasure trove of recorded audio diaries, Dictaphone letters, photographs, and home movies collected by Allis over the years, Must Read After My Death is an intimate and harrowing look at the confining social mores of the '60s and the ways in which psychiatry of the time was used to straitjacket autonomous thought. The immediacy of Allis' recordings works against the built-in nostalgia of her home movies; combined with a contemporary soundscape, they create a uniquely poetic and vivid evocation of an era and a shattering portrait of the secret life of one American family. (Rachel Rosen, LA Film Festival) Directed By: Morgan Dews Writer:

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