Music Competition For Summer 2011. Featuring Bryce 3d, and Macro

Posted by US2K on Aug. 09, 2011

JJAYS Global Music Community (http-// is running an international all grenre music competition with a top prize of Fruity Loops 10. There are presently eight contestants, producers of rock, dance, trance, techno and dub step from Austria, Belgium, The USA, UK, and Tokelau. If you wish to take part you will ahve to be quick becaase judging comes to an end on the 25th August 2011. Other companies/charities etc. involved with this project are Planet Ejay (http-//, The ROX Music & Arts Charity (http-//, and David Stolk signed artist who is one of the judges ( http-// ). Last but not least a big thank you to Image Line (http-// and Et Cetra (http-// for sponsoring the top prize. The video and animation work was produced using Bryce 3d and Macromedia Director. The concept is two music artists meet at a planet called ejay and then fly to dock at a spaceship orbiting the earth that looks similar

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