Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams 1966

Young Ali style, is remarkable for a heavyweight. His greatest strength is his legs, his ability to glide & slide, dancin' gracefully around the ring. His quickness enables him to hold his hands very low, since he defends not by blockin' punches, but by dodgin' the. Bubbin', weavin', duckin', twistin', backin' away. Ali has got a dozen techniques to avoid the devastating blow by a near inch. His opponents can't get comfortable in the ring, since they have never seen anyone like him. Ever the performer Ali keeps inventing new ways to dazzle an amaze. Ali's offensive arsenal is built around his left jab, the stingin' be that Bundin Brown immortalized in rhyme. His jab is lightnin' fast. Laser accurate. It's fired from so many angles and stances, that his opponents can't fight their way inside it. An ultimately warning, to his other great punches. His right uppercut, and his left hook. By a little boy, pullin' the wings of a butterfly.