Mugen: Shinryu and Omega Vs Cheap characters

For those of you who dont know. Mugen is a fully customizable fighting game. You can place your own characters and stages in it, and you can change the look by using screen packs! Please note! The description gets cut off at the end. Check the coments for more description. The quality in this video is rather poor. Its the best I can do at this point. Now, on to the descriptions. I play as Shinryu and Omega. These guys are practically invincible! They have strong moves and have damage sensors equiped into them. The down side. They cant move, at all.The cheap characters that get OWN3D today are....Omega Tiger Woods.Quite a ridicules character here. He was made for the sole purpose to piss people off. He has a lot of attacks that do high damage and in some cases he attacks you before the words FIGHT appear on screen. Next cheapie is....Hyper Neo Kamek. Seriously, I dont expect too much physicality out of a magician, but this is just fricken ridicules. He spams the area and has insane combos. He also has helper