Mr. Twinkles

Posted by MichaelFrost on Feb. 20, 2011

With everything, there comes a story. Mr. Twinkles was born back in the early 1980’s in my mind when my mother took my older sisters and me to a Halloween costume shindig at the local movie theater. What do you think the theater played for free for all us young kiddies? Why Poltergeist is what they played, and since then (especially if you have seen the movie) I have been afraid of clowns…forget afraid, let’s try terrified. Perhaps this is my stab back at the lasting demons. Perhaps this was written because I know many of you are also afraid of clowns so who knows, but I will say this, I do feel better after completing this. *NOTE: For all those diligent clowns out there who don the makeup and costumes everyday so to make the world a better place, I mean no harm and honor your ancient art and trade. ***Special thanks to Ariel Payopay who gave permission to use the clown picture at the last moment. You truly made this video-fiction! You have my heart, Michael Frost

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Tags clown, suspense, terror, literary, evil clown, scary clown, flash fiction, michael frost, one minute tales, mr twinkles

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