Mr. President stole my cell phone !

Posted by interpretering on Dec. 08, 2009

On May-19-2007, after lunch, the reporter gets hold of the cell phone, brought in a white envelope, sealed, by a colleague who received it from Valeriu Turcan, the spokesman for the president. The reporter sustain that, after the incident, the people in the service of security and protection of the president have deleted record from the cell phone memory but not from the memory card.On May-21-2007, a delegation of the Association of Romani CRISS (Roma Center for Social Intervention and Studies) was presented at the Presidential Administration to submit an solicitation to suspended President Traian Basescu. The representatives of Romani Criss want that Basescu to claim public apology for having offended the gypsy community calling stinking gypsy a journalist. From the intimation of organization Romani Criss, The National Council for Combating Discrimination will call for the hearings the president and the journalist. These will take place on May 23, at 10.00. The same day, Traian Ba

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