Mr. E Comics Episode 02 Attack of the Mother (Censored)

Posted by mrecomics on Aug. 06, 2009

Ralph here again to say this is our third show Episode 02! We here at Mr. E Comics are SO happy that you have decided to watch Mr. E Comics that we are going to be serving it up as close to 12:01amon the air dates (Arizona Time - we dont change our clocks here. Believe me, we have enough sun...) So every other Wednesday @ 12:01am Mr. E Comics will release our next Episodes on one of our various video web sites. If you dont want to search check it out officially @ @ 9:00am(AZT) for the New Episodes! (Just around lunch time in Chicago & New York, and just when Phoenix and the western sea board are getting to work, its late afternoon for Europe and Tokyo is up late night.) Anyway here is Mr. E Comics Episode 02! Enjoy!

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