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http-// MyPersonalSubmitter allows you to enter your own words and to select an higer level category. If no matching categories with your words exists, Mypersonalsubmitter tries to find category with an higher level (selected as main category). If several categories match with your user words, MyPersonalSubmitter chooses a category which is a subcategory of your main category. Take us an example. You submit a site about books for children. Books category may appear several times as asubcategory of Arts, Shopping, Children,...but Books for children does not exist. In this case, Mypersonalsubmitter will choose Booksas subcategory of Children. Backlinks Backlinks management Automatic creation of a backlinks pages Backlinks or reciprocal links are links you may have to insert in a page of your site in exchange of the insertion of your url. Some directories require such a link, but it can be just optional. MyPersonalSubmitter lets you choose to or not backlinks. If you decide t

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