Movie Life Episode 14: Flashbacks and the Martini

Posted by MovieLifeProductions on Oct. 30, 2009

Flashbacks. David addresses that Evil Weed needs to be dope. Brianna predicts being drenched in corn syrup. Bekim gets to play pretend and kiss girls. Nick is not an actor as such. Genevieve modestly says that she is not great at working for other people except when she is acting. Ryan gets to do things that he “would never ever get to do on Nickelodeon.” Nick is relieved that the other actors didn’t know all their lines yet. David vibes on the foggy, creepy atmosphere of Montauk. Highlights from the shoot wiz by including footage that has not yet been released. The makeup special effects specialist explains how he is going to make Brianna’s ankle wound appear charred and diseased-looking. Finally the episode catches up to the very last scheduled scene filmed in NYC, the martini shot of the film. Nick nails it and David excitedly announces the wrap on Evil Weed!

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Tags special, effects, corn, syrup, marijuana, nickelodeon, flashbacks, montauk, movielife, evilweed, reefermadness

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