Mouth Stuff -Episode 3 (featuring boobs)

Posted by kristenq on Mar. 03, 2013

3/2/13- This weeks top social media news Some times you think you have a genius idea and its super funny. You send it out into the internet world. Sometimes youre right...sometimes you are terribly wrong. Either way, Im laughing. Hope you feel like subscribing... Thanks for your tweets - @travon @theonion @kirankhattra_ @puebloplug @naughtygeisha3 @RitleySammich @treywafer @home_napping Thanks Funny Vine-er - @Lisa_Bizzle NEW EPISODES OF MOUTH STUFF EVERY SUNDAY! TWITTER- FACEBOOK- OFFICIAL WEBSITE- INSTAGRAM- @kristenquintrall

Categories Pop Culture

Tags oscars, rihanna, svu, girls gone wild, michelle obama, chris brown, anne hathaway, daniel day lewis, jennifer lawrence, kristen quintrall, sequester

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