Mounties catch driverless race boat

Posted by achioregi on Jul. 08, 2013

RCMP on boat patrol in Pictou Harbour on July 6, 2013 prevented a potentially tragic indcident during the Boat Races at the Pictou (Nova Scotia) Lobster Carnival. A modified racing boat took a bad turn while traveling at a high rate of speed ejecting both the driver and passanger. The empty boat had no kill switch and with the throttle open, continued through a turn in the harbour amongst many pleasure and fishing boats. A nearby fishing boat picked up the occupants. Mounties on a patrol vessel in the immediate area took the owner of the racing boat and maneuvered alongside the out of control boat circling in the harbour. The owner of the boat was able to jump aboard the racing boat and take control of it. The 58-year-old passenger went to hospital with non-life threatening injuries and late released. The 48-year-old driver was OK.

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