Mountain Mandarin Festival

Posted by microCHUNKTV on Nov. 23, 2008

Visit us at We had a great time at the 2008 Mountain Mandarin Festival today. As we walked up to the entrance, a friendly lady offered us some free admission tickets. We walked past vendors booths sampling candy, nuts, jelly, and of course Mandarin oranges. Then we came to the highlight of the event -- Traylor Ranch Mandarins. We saw a Mandarin booth with signs saying no pesticides, a good indicator. A man was standing in front of the booth, not hiding inside it, giving out whole Mandarins as samples, not just tiny slivers. We decided to buy a 10 lb. bag for $14, and pulled out a twenty. A woman in the booth asked if we had singles, we didn't. The man out front said we could have two 10 lb. bags for twenty, we said yes. Magnificent Mandarin Marketing!

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