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Posted by lakeishamcknight on Jul. 11, 2013

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Get Your Professional Speaker System-in-a-book- http-// Motivational Speeches- 3 Parts Every Speech Must Have [1-38] Part 1- Introduction. You need to have a great introduction. You get to grab the attention of your audience in the first 11 seconds. Introduction is very essential because it allows people to connect with you. It allows them to become engaged with you while you're on stage. [2-38] Make sure that you have an introduction. That introduces your topic, the things you are going to talk about within the body of your message. [3-12] Part 2- Body. Your body contains the majority of the system. You need your introduction to give direction to your body. The body consists of the main points that you want to make emphasis on as well as the supporting points. [03-58] The body is essential because it contains the most important elements of your message. If you fail to spend time to really complete the body of your message you're really going to lose your audience. Make sure that you construct the body of your speech well so that people remember your message. And people will understand and get your message on what you want to teach them or encourage them. [4-55] Part 3- Conclusion. It's like a feet of your body that helps you to get to the next point, helps you to get going. The reason why I associate the conclusion with feet is because you want your audience to take action. You want to summarize so your conclusion supports your body of the message as well as your introduction. The conclusion wraps up everything you talked about. [05-48] Make sure you summarize the main points wrap it up together nicely in your conclusion. Make sure to do it well because guess what you want to make sure that your audience remembers what you've spoken about. Make sure that you're conclusion allows them to do that. [06-39] Make sure that your conclusion gives them a type of direction. The thing they need to be doing next. Let them know what you've spoken about and what they need to do next and what actions they need to take. Need a Speaker for your Next event? Book Lakeisha- http-// Need a Speaking Coach- http-// Connect with Lakeisha- Twitter...

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