Mother Gives Beer to Homeless People to Babysit Her Kid

Posted by BloopZone on Sep. 04, 2012

A teaching assistant was arrested on Tuesday after leaving her six-year-old daughter with a group of homeless people so that she could allegedly go and satisfy her manic sexual rage, by prostituting herself. Laura Lee Kelly left the young girl with the strangers, in Evergreen Park, Mesa, Arizona. She asked them to babysit and handed them beers in return for their trouble. Kelly then went and had sex with two men, allegedly in exchange for cash. Abandoned by her mother with no water or cover from the heat the toddler was rescued four hours later after a concerned passerby called police. She was removed from the care of her babysitters and is now being looked after by other family members. Police officers found Kelly sitting in a grassy area with a man who told them the 43-year-old had been coming and going all afternoon and even asked him if he wanted to (expletive). Kelly was arrested, admitting that it was a bad idea to leave her child with the strangers, especially having provided them with al

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