Mother dog nurses 2 stray kittens

Posted by twojtala11 on Jun. 26, 2011

Missy our 5 year old Golden Retriever has had three litters of puppies in the past.? Her last litter of puppies was over one year ago.? She has always been the perfect mother to her puppies, the puppies father and any pets that the kids bring home.? She loves and thinks any small animal is her baby. It started when Brandon found a baby orange kitten in the road in front of our house.? We caught it and Missy treated it like her puppy.? The kitten tried to nurse from Missy and Missy let her.? We never thought the kitten was getting anything so we would give the kitten puppy powdered milk when Missy wasnt looking.? We couldnt figure out why the kitten would keep nursing if she wasnt getting any milk.? We checked and Missys milk had come back after having puppies over a year ago! Two weeks later the kids? were riding? bikes and came home saying they found two kittens without a mother.? The kittens were in a turned over trash can behind a business in Abbeville.? I made the kids wait until the next day to talk

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