Most Metal Baby Ever Moshes To Lamb Of God

Posted by MostMetalBaby on Jan. 08, 2011

This is Killian, he just turned 10 months old when this video was taken. Ever since he started standing up, hes been trying to mosh to his favorite music, Lamb of God!!! He also drops to his knees and headbangs from time to time, but its hard to record him because he loves to do it when he thinks hes alone lol. He does this completely unprovoked, if anything, he wont do it as much if you are watching him or talking to him. We attribute his love for Lamb of God to the fact that hes already been to two of their shows while in the womb lol We never have the camera around when he decides to start thrashin so maybe if this video gets some views well try and record and upload a better one. Also, he has a little brother coming in April, so maybe theyll be the next Chris and Willie? Well see...loll

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