Moroccans / Arab Americans Celebrate Obama's Inauguration--

Posted by moroccotv on Jan. 27, 2009

Part of wave of celebration for Pres. Barack Obama's inauguration, the Arab American Institute (AAI) organized a dinner/ show/ ball that was partly sponsored by the Moroccan American Center and drew a capacity crowd from around the country. Various celebrities attended, including a brief appearance by Queen Noor of Jordan who told the audience that Obama's inauguration brought "a new hope and possibility of renewal and activism." She said she believes Obama would work to find "long-term solutions to problems not only in this country" but also in the Mideast, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. the Moroccan American community members were present in force and were busy networking and talking up the idea of president Barack Obama speaking in Morocco. Of those that were pitched was Antony Lake, an Prez. Obama foreign policy adviser, who sounded positive about Morocco as a speech host. "Moroccan Americans are one of the most dynamic group within our community, they have come a long way in such a ...

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