Mop Attack ( Rushden, Northamptonshire County, England)

Posted by Dantexfiles on Jan. 26, 2012

The owner of a convenience store in Rushden, Northamptonshire County, England, surprised a burglar mask and a crowbar in hand, to attack him with a mop. Surprised, the thief who had just entered the store, comes up and is outside the door. Dinesh Gorani, the owner, shows no fear and violently shaking the mop. Seconds later, his son, also appears in the images recorded by surveillance cameras and helps his father, using a hockey stick. The thief, despite having an iron bar, nothing ventured into the store. Despite being accompanied by two suspects, none seem to have the courage to face Dinesh. In just minutes, the thieves put themselves on the run. The attempted robbery happened on last Friday, January 20, but now the images from surveillance cameras were revealed.

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