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Posted by Frederator on Apr. 21, 2009

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Note to Self Submitted by Gera The Manila Folder Classifieds Submitted by Dylan Holden Ive Got Nothing Submitted by Eli Krupitsky  Its a big world out there and there are so many cartoons from which to choose.  but we did it anyway and we compiled just a fantastic bunch of them from all over the Earth, just for you.  First up, we have a sweet music video for Broken Social Scenes "Pitter Patter Goes by Heart" called "Note To Self."  Second is the Manila Folder Classifieds and the adventures therein.  Certainly, there are no adventures quite like the ones in the Manila Folder Classifieds, as you will see.  and finally, we have something cool with "Ive Got Nothing," a look at the creative process and the response to the blank page.The Robot, apparently, has been taking stand-up comedy classes.  As you will see.  He does, however, mention that he likes the blues.  Give him a call and sing the "Big Red Robot Blues" for him.  Record it and send it in a...

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