MOLON LABE - Pro 2nd Amendment Coin selling like crazy

Posted by graywaterops on Feb. 01, 2013

http-// to mint your own custom coin http-// to purchase a pro second amendment coin MOLON LABE loosely translates to Come and take them which has become the motto of the pro second amendment movement who opposes gun control. What started out as a contest winner coin has turned into a huge following on facebook! Matt Opaliski submitted atwork for a custom coin contest Veteran owned business Gray Water Ops was offering.As the winning design, he won 100 free custom minted coins from his design. That one hundred free coin order turned into a reorder, then another and another until he had sold over 1,000 coins all over the country! The second coin being a solid brass 3.5mm thick HEAVY coin, came in on a Monday evening with 200 coins. By Friday he had sold out and back ordered another 50 coins! If you purchase on of these coins at the link above, you are encouraged to take a photo of your weapon with the coin, and post it on their facebook wall at https-//

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