Modern warfare 3 sniping montage(music mix)!!

Posted by Will-Discavage-978 on Dec. 23, 2011

COD AND MUSIC FANS UNITE!!!!! -D Like and fav!!! Were on xbox our gamertagd are JBosco45, Itsmetrocity, and Basicxz3r0. Ignore- sniping montage quick scopes gameplay juggernaut intervention qs ctf tdm ak-47 gold gold guns noob tube n00b n00b and the vet official trailer search search and destroy clutch whiteboy modern warfare multiplayer campaign new guns sniper perks killstreaks Moab recon drone mw2 mw3 gears of war video games rocket launcher rpg survival mode new maps acr NEW OFFICIAL cod music mix music died Semtex stick throwing knife amazing throwing knife kills assault rifles shotguns sub machine guns sniper rifles machine pistols handguns pwn poon peonage rage quit nerd rage mic xbox ps3 skyrim snipe qs m16 m4 spas12 OFFICIAL GAMEPLAY hahaha lol elite call of duty elite 25 killstreak osprey gunner juggernaut assault drone predator missile frag grenade heartbeat sensor camo camp camping red camo blue camo digital camo overkill killjoy halo 4 halo anniversary music lovers

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