Mobile Phone Contract Terminations

Posted by iphonesnappyguy on Apr. 03, 2011

Mobile Phone Contract Terminations Hey Guys, In this video I will be explaining how to terminate a mobile phone contract the right way to avoid any unnecessary charges. I have over 5 years experience of canceling mobile phone contracts and I have always found that sometimes it pays to pay the contract off over time rather in one lump sum as you will be given a charge on top. For example if you have a 24 month contract at £20 a month and you decide to cancel it at 18 months, this leaves you with 6 months left to pay but in some cases the mobile phone companies will charge you an extra month for ending it early, for example 6 x £20 = £120 + 1 month = £140. Depending on the network they will offer to downgrade your tariff without extending you contract and it will sometimes pay for you to do this then end the contract as you will pay less. If you want less hassle, I would suggest canceling it. Otherwise just pay it off as usual and cancel it without charge a month before it is due to end as you pay one mont

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