MIT Boston Area Rocked by Explosions, Gunfire, Fatal Shooting of

Posted by Atilla-Ate--329 on Apr. 19, 2013

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Violent incidents early Friday, including the shooting death of a college police officer, kept Bostonians on edge just days after the bombing of the iconic Boston Marathon. Howling sirens pierced the night quiet, and flashing lights lit up the darkness, as dozens of officers from state and city police responded to the deadly shooting on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. Hardly an hour later, they were chasing suspects in a hijacked vehicle just less than five miles away. There were reports that explosives may have been involved before police cornered the vehicle. Police were in a standoff with the vehicle just down the hill, said CNN photographer Gabe Ramirez saw the chase end in Watertown. They ordered the suspect out of vehicle and commanded he strip down naked before putting him in a patrol car and transporting him away from the scene, Ramirez said. Police ran down the streets of Watertown, according to CNN affiliate WCVB, which broadcast images fro

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