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Posted by joollyunder on Mar. 06, 2013

Miss Teen Delaware X-Rated Videos. ormer Miss Teen Delaware, embroiled in a porn scandal, faced further embarrassment as footage of her agreeing to appear in an adult video emerged on Sunday. Melissa King resigned he crown after an X-rated movie appeared online. Many speculated that the female star of the sex tape was the clean-cut 18-year-old, but the brunette Delaware Online that it was absolutely not her. In the following days, she hedged her denial on her Twitter account, citing Kim Kardashian as an example of someone who took sex tape infamy and ran with it all the way to superstardom. But King came up short of actually admitting she was the young woman in the video. However, makers of the video have now released footage which appears to show King reading out a consent form agreeing to take part in the movie. In it she says- I Melissa King am doing this scene of my own free will. I am of sound mind and body and not under the influence of drugs or any mind-altering substances. She goes on to add that she

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