Miqueu Montanaro and Vereb Vean Andr?s: Lerba dOngria

Posted by vean on Nov. 18, 2009

Alain Guillon, a French teacher of mathematics bought the abandoned, heavily run-down mill near Pusztaszer in 1998 with the help of the mayors office. The mill built in 1866 was owned by a certain Ferenc Bagi who in 2008 was a resident of a social welfare home. Later Guillon bought the mill stipulating that the purchase price should be received by someone due. Anita Seres and Guillon first met in 2001. At that time Anita was the reporter of Kiskunf?legyh?za City TV, and as with most cases their relationship began during the filming of the report.. There is no business conception behind renewing the mill. After total renovation Guillon wishes to give it to someone who is worth it and according to his or her possibilities would preserve its condition. The powerhouse of the whole story is unselfishness which is as important as love, moreover it is loves twin brother. This is the clip. Montanaross song, performed by Montanaro and Vereb Vean Andr?s ( Hungary, www.vean.hu ).

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