Mini Shopping Cart Desktop Organizer

Posted by lizhenlianggad on Sep. 30, 2010

In squirrel-land, Mr. & Mrs. Squeeplecheep go shopping every Thursday. They take their little shopping cart and make sure to get all the best nuts and berries for their family. The Mini Shopping Cart Desktop Organizer is just like the one Mr. Squeeplecheep puts his nuts in when hes heading for the checkout line. Except this one is for your desk and your office supplies. It makes office organization a bit for fun. Its all shrunk down from a real shopping cart. The kids seat folds down, and you could actually smush two together in that weird way shopping carts do (frankly, its how we think hand baskets are made). Use the Mini Shopping Cart Desktop Organizer to keep your pens, pencil, sticky pads, and more in place - all while saying Id rather be shopping without having to use words. Oh, and if you want to be really nice, get an extra and leave it outside. You know . . . for the squirrels. Features A tiny copy of a shopping cart, to help you store your office junk. Rolling wheels. Metal and pla

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