Mind Hacking: How To Visualize Subconscious 3D Spaces by Using T

Posted by spatialreason on Mar. 24, 2011

Just press play and look at the random noise on the screen, and focus all of your visual energy on the entire screen at once (do not use full screen for this quality of video). The brain has a natural ability to see patterns and shapes within the random noise of television static. Visualize a room, a spinning tornado, a line, a basic shape, or a ball to get started. To do this properly, you must visualize a spot on the screen, and then imagine it growing and morphing into a shape of your desire (ie. pyramids and smooth geometric shapes are effective). You can then visually rotate the shapes in a 3d space, and advance to seeing all sorts of dream-like visions. This is not magic or a trick, this is a real visual ability which can be practised. The randomness of the noise seems to trigger a visual (and subconscious) part of the brain which is often unfocused on. If you can see the pyramid (or any shape), you are ready to advance. Basically, anything you can imagine will be mentally visualized within the random n

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