Michal Towber Vampire

Posted by rivevideo1 on Mar. 28, 2013

Music video for the song Vampire from Michal Towbers album One Immortal Day (2013). Directed by Jennifer Tzar, Hair by Daniel Santos, Styling and Make-up by Regina Harris. The video stars Michal Towber, Rinat Lerer and Dashel Emet. Lyrics- Life is a delicate thing It ebbs and it flows Lacework under porcelain skin Barely visible pulse You have the wasting sickness Bruise marks on your throat You dance with the devil at night And only I know CHORUS Open your veins to me and Ill treat you with reverence Swear I wont waste a drop of your red velvet torrent It is so intimate when your lifes blood flows into me Come share this lifelike dream, be a vampire with me Come into my nightmare Im a monster with a soul A reflection of nothing I wont ever grow old Come into my bed I cant stand this uncertainty I am already dead But your warm flesh still thrills me CHORUS

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