Michael Phelps Got Stoned Song

If you like what you see, visit http://www.myspace.com/chadneidt I dedicate this song to the one and only Michael Phelps. Here are the lyrics: Tonya Harding tried to injure Kerrigan O.J. maybe probably killed Nicole Simpson Kobe Bryant got some sugar on the side Jose Conseco didn't even try to hide Michael Vick killed some dogs and then got caught And Michael Phelps smoked pot Not America's Golden Boy, not the smile of corn flakes The superhuman fishman can't be prone to make mistakes Your future still looks bright, just wait out the aftershock You might have lost Kellogs, but you might pick up Birkenstock Still, I'll always remember when You smoked everyone in the pool You totally made swimming cool You got high up on the pedestal And won first place, the badass who won every race He's always going fast so he thought he'd take it slow At least it wasn't real drugs like heroine or blow Every day he eats 12,000 calories That number probably triples when he gets the munchies It's wrong hating him for w