Michael Jackson My Friend We Will Miss You

Posted by edueche7 on Jun. 26, 2009

I, along with the rest of the world, are in a state of shock with the news that Michael Jackson has died. Ive been playing Michael & his brothers music since the beginning of the Jackson 5. His was the artist that bridged the generational & racial gap. He also was responsible for bringing together all type of music & artist. His music lighten our hearts & lifted our feet on the dancefloors around the world. Personally, I loved every record he released & over my 28 years plus DJ career I broke his records & made so many people eat their words, when they would come to my DJ booth to complain about the new song I just played, which would be a new release by Michael, like Billy Jean. I remember playing that song the day I got it in the mail, Saturday, early 80s at 2001 here in Charlotte, NC. The club was packed, 2500 plus people were in the club. It was around 11pm & I began the mix into the song. By the time the vocals began, the crowd began to walk off the dancefloor. I immediately hit the mic & told them

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