Michael Jackson kids make surprise speech @ 2010 Grammys

6 months after their dads memorial, Prince Michael and Paris Jackson return to the spotlight. - Jan 31, 2010 -Seeing Jacksons kids walk out was emotional. It was sad because seeing them reminded me of their daily struggle of coping their fathers death. But seeing them was also a joyous experience because they looked vibrant and beautiful. He would be proud..They appear to have matured so much since we last saw them at the memorial in July.But even more impactful was their composure and strength..Big brother Prince Michael had the stage presence of his dad as he boldly approached the microphone with his sister and offered an acceptance speech that singled that he and his siblings were OK. .[We] like to thank the fans, our father loved you so much, Prince Michael said. Our father was always concerned about the planet..Prince Michael added that his fathers music had a universal theme of love. We will continue to spread his message, he said..