Meter Maid

Posted by Tscaccia on Jan. 17, 2012

A rocket man is plagued by a giant spider meter maid! As his City of Chicago parking tickets pile up he has no choice but to jump in his rocket ship turn on the death ray and clean up his city! Bio-filmography of the Director- Coulter Mitchell is a seasoned filmmaker with over eight years of directing, editing, and cinematography experience. After attending the Edit Center in New York City, he proceeded to work as a freelance videographer for five years. During this time he traveled the globe working on numerous documentary film projects. He founded Stone Soup Productions in 2007, and directed, produced, and edited the award-winning documentary The Cost of Oil- Voices from the Arctic. He currently works as a television producer for the travel television show Midwest Outdoors.

Categories Transportation

Tags flying, city, actors, editing, scifi, 7d, stop motion, tierza scaccia, coulter mitchell

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