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Posted by seocc on Jan. 12, 2010

Now for organic search engine optimization, we are going to cover Meta Tag Authoring. For Meta Tag Authoring, youre going to have 3 major sections your title, your keyword, and your description. Now, you are going to want to spend time writing each and you will want to keep them very concise and focused on the theme of the actual page itself. Now when were looking at the title, I am going to back to the Search Engine Optimization example so, for title, I am going to use the keyword Search Engine Optimization. Everybody has their own style of SEO, but I prefer to use 3 to 5 keywords per page assignment. So, when Im going to assign words that have to do search engine optimization, I am going to use the keyword SEO, all lower case, and I am actually going to use SEO with spaces in between in it just in case somebody types a period (.) or spaces, and I am going to assign the keyword search engine optimization. Now Im writing my keywords, Im keeping everything lower case because a lot of people most commonly type

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