Mercedes-Benz B 180 CDI Blue EFFICIENCY Exterior and Interior in

Posted by Miglenkaa on Apr. 08, 2013

Mercedes B 180 CDI Blue EFFICIENCY car seen outside and inside in full 3D HD. The car is with Diesel engine, 1796 cm3, 80 kW (109 HP). The color is Night Black. It has 7G-Tronic automatic gear shift, 0-100 km/h acceleration for 10.7 seconds. Fuel economy is B class. Video recorded with Sony Handycam HDR-TD30VE digital camcorder with automatic settings. If you dont have equipment for watching 3D videos, simply turn off the 3D with the 3D icon on the bottom right of the video. Watching this video with Safari on iPad will give you two side by side pictures. RAW file is 860 MB BIG. Watching in HD with 3D glasses is recommended. 3D glasses are easy to obtain nowadays.

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