Mentally Challenged Man Karate Beating

Posted by JTMUSIC on Aug. 22, 2009

Tv video report of Hornos excellent update on re-opening an investigation. Mentally Challenged Man Beaten to Death In a shocking discovery, this brutal and graphic video has just not been posted to the internet. It is a video supposedly taken from December of 1984 in which Bobby J Blythe, a karate master instructs his student to brutally beat an individual who is seriously mentally ill. This man was later discovered dead in a dumpster and Blythe was never charged. The instructor Bobby J Blythe had this to say about the incident- This dummy was in my shopping center while I was on a Bodyguard Job in Washington, DC. This guy was in the Pizza Hut eating pizza off the plates of others and the Pizza Hut Manager ran him out with a pistol. Later the very same day, police officers were called to remove him from a nearby pharmacy after having been caught reaching into customers purses. A short time after that, he visited a Napa Auto Parts store next to my Karate Dojo and told the management he planned on teaching i

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