Mens Grooming - Grooming for Men, Hair Style Tips for Men more Mens Grooming, Grooming for Men and other mens grooming tips as well as hair styling tips, SUBSCRIBE to the whole FREE series HERE: grooming is a huge percentage of the style and beauty market right now. Men are not only taking care of themselves better these days, but they demand a certain level of service to look their best.If you are not yet offering mens grooming services in your business, you are missing out on a potentially HUGE market.Want to know about the ultimate summer haircut? Its the buzz cut!With summer temperatures peaking right now, a buzz-cut sounds awfully cool. I know guys who buzz-cut their own hair at home. I wouldnt dare, but whether you do it yourself or have it done professionally, its the ultimate summer haircut.For more videos on mens grooming, hair styling and the latest in grooming for men trends, go here: