Men With Machetes Attack Protesters

Posted by BrainlessHell on Jul. 06, 2013

The footage was recorded moments after police intervened with tear gas and water cannon at Taksim Square. It took place in the Talimhane area, adjacent to the square, where dozens of touristic hotels are located Amateur video footage showing unidentified people with machetes indiscriminately attacking protesters and bystanders running from the effects of tear gas has emerged, hours after July 6's police intervention in the Gezi protesters. One of the assailants is seen kicking a woman on her back while holding a machetes on his hand. The footage was recorded in the Talimhane area, where a dozen of touristic hotels are located. Following the publication of the footage, Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu said via Twitter that two people involved in the attacks with machetes had been detained. Our police will continue to do its duty with carefulness and rigor against such attacks, Mutlu wrote, as security forces were criticized for not intervening to prevent the machete-wielding attackers. Earlier,

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