Mel Gibson racial tirade cartoon

Thank goodness for Mel Gibson and archives. When I thought Mel only hated Jews I made this animation pitting him against Jewish superstar Adam Sandler in a Celebrity Farting Competition. Being that Mel has a potty mouth, I felt that bringing this out again was appropriate. I cut it down to 90 seconds, this is the short version. If you dont like farting humor or racial tirades this my not be your cup of tea. In a minute and half he will insult Jews and Catholics, and tell a decent ethnic blow job joke. I saw the George Lopez show, hes mad that Mel hasnt mentioned Mexicans. Hes a racist racist. If your ethnicity hasnt been insulted by Mel you dont count. Mel Gibson has turned into a mean old man. Hes now the Geezer in the neighborhood that wont throw back a ball from his yard. Kids will start telling stories about the crazy old buzzard who sits on toilets filled with dynamite. His favorite saying, poop fire and save the matches. One kid will dare to ring the doorbell where he will get dragged