Mega Earthquake to Happen Soon in Seattle Washington

Posted by frankieapril24 on Aug. 20, 2012

Mega Earthquake will Happen soon and it will affect Vancouver British Columbia and Oregon and the Magnitude will be 9.0 or greater and the Buildings will be Badly Damaged a lot of telephone poles will be knocked over and Transformers will be Destroyed Because it is close to the Cascadia subduction zone and Juan De Fuca Fault Line Close to Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada the Earthquake will affect Oregon, Washington and British Columbia and Even California and it will Trigger Tsunami all across the Pacific Ocean and the Last 9.09 Magnitude Earthquake Happened in Vancouver that was in the Year 1700 AD We Cant Escape from the Major Earthquakes forever when the Plates Rub at Each Other when the Plates Slip and it Causes a Major Earthquake have your Medical Kits Ready and Flash Lights same with Bottled Water.

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