Meg Ryan Showing Off Her Nudity

This is a video of Meg Ryan making love in her movie In The Cut. Have fun watching, because I know I did. I didnt check, but Mr. Skin has to rank this little sex scene on video as one of the best of all time, as far as A-list stars are concerned. Is Meg Ryan even considered A-List anymore? Somehow I doubt it. Still, she should at least be an alternate in the hot nude celebrity Hall of Fame. This is top quality right here. For added effect, mute this video, then queue up the orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally so that her moans from that clip play over this one. Thats called intertextuality, baby and it will do you good. Trust me, son. Extra pop culture credit: this is the movie that Seth Rogens character mentions when he is describing his website of celebrity nude scenes to Katherine Heigl in Knocked Up. There, you just learned something today. Go have a beer.