Medical Marijuana - Medicine Man - James Hyland & The Joint Chie

Posted by rrootsr on May. 16, 2012

We were growing weed in Nor-Cal Making lil money, raising the morale It's a weed thing, it's a green thing But there's a Who the fuck are you to mess with the machine? thing. Growing, It's the knowing The one who speaks up will get the rest to start showing Who's the keeper? Who's the sleeper? Who's the one you like and no one thought to keep her? My granddaddy farmed this town Every time it rained money grew from the ground My Daddy was a farmer too, But he got caught growing weed When the FEDs swept through They come in, they take all they can Your money, your home, all your farmland Farmers like me've gotta learn to hide Rent a quite house and move the farm inside. It was a night like any other night A hard days work under liquid cooled lights I'm glowing, ebb and flowing Then the call came in that we needed to get going Gotta stop it, I gotta drop it I gotta grab the bail bag hit the woods, run the gauntlet Our hearts pound, sirens sound The FEDs are coming in but they don't find

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