HOW THIS PRANK WORKED: This was a one shot prank and it was planned at the very last minute so we could have this video up by easter, but here's how we did it. Earlier in the day (Saturday), I told Marina (the victim), that I wanted her to do a promo for my "new Easter video" and all she had to do was say "If you think Cory's cat is cute, wait until you see his bunny!", then go outside, get my bunny and come back inside to show it to the cameras. She's a good friend of mine and she loves my videos, so I knew she'd agree to it. HOW WE GOT EASTER BEAST OUTSIDE: Before Marina came over, me and a bunch of my friends set everything up. First, we had one guy (Grimel) dress up as Easter Beast, then had another guy guide him around (because you can't see very well through the mask). Jake (the guide) had a blue-tooth ear piece on and was able to hear everything I was saying from the storage room (which was where they were hiding on the patio when Marina went out there). When I said the words "Alright, lets do this.",