Me Singing Part of the List by Neyo --(J Rice Acoustic)--With Ly

Posted by jriceproductions on May. 27, 2009

Neyo Part of the list cover - Just learned this song today, so I thought Id post a video. If you like this you can download the mp3 of this and Neyos Mad AND 20 of my songs for FREE! --- http-// Or Buy my 1st album on iTunes --http-// Twitter --http-// Add me on Myspace --http-// Heres the lyrics -- Lyrics- Style of your hair Shape of your eyes and your nose The way you stare.. As if you see, right through to my soul Its your left hand and the way That its not quite as big as your right The way you stand in the mirror.. Before we go out at night A quiet time...your beautiful mind.. Theyre a part of the list Things that I miss... Things like your, funny little laugh The way you smile or the way we kiss What I noticed is this.. I come up with Something new, every single time That I sit an reminisce The way you sweet smell Lingers when you leave a room (you leave a room) Stories you tell as we lay In bed all afternoon (

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