Maxpedition Mega Rollypolly Dump Pouch

Posted by survivalist on May. 26, 2010

Description of the Maxpedition Mega Rollypolly Dump Pouch. From the Maxpedition website- Folded- 4 long x 4 wide x 2 thick Open- 8 diameter, 11 tall Total Volume- 500 cu. in. Belt- Integral Closed Loop Leg Strap- 1.5 adjustable leg strap included I decided to test the mega rollypolly to see how much I could fit in it, but not all at the same time 3 MREs 3 Eversafe meals sleeping pad cook set - canteen cup, 1 quart canteen, 32 ounce water bottle, alcohol stove, bottle of denatured alcohol, spoon, couple packs of noodles. hiking camping backpacking Maxpedition Mega Rollypolly Dump Pouch milspec military survival survivalist

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