Matterhorn Bobsleds- Disneyland History-485

Direct Link: There is a break room the size of a basketball court located in the top. Matterhorn is 147 feet tall, exactly 1/100th size replica of the real mountain in Switzerland. The attraction is based on the Disney film Third Man on the Mountain. The Matterhorn is made of wood and steel with a plaster coating over a layer of metal mesh. In 1978 an Adominable Snowman, ice caverns and glowing ice crystals were added. Matterhorn mountain, started as a 20-foot-high pile of dirt. When construction crews were digging up the Sleeping Beauty Castle moat, they piled the dirt up to the right of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, on the border of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Workers leveled off the top, added a few park benches and young trees, and created a sparse picnic area, called "Lookout Mountain." Walt wouldn't leave it just dirt for long. He put one of the Skyway pylons on top and considered tying it into the Alpine theme by calling it Snow Mountain. Then, afte