MASTURBATE FOR LIFE with DJ Lubel, Tiffany Dupont and Chris Carm

Posted by DJ_Lubel on Jul. 22, 2010

Album on iTunes (Wrong Hole) Directed by Bob McKeon Produced by Jake Avnet Masturbate For Life Well its prom night, Im all alone and man I feel so lame. Across the gym, stands the girl of my dreams but she doesnt even know my nameAs I stare my heart skips a beat, she leaves me breathless I cant pretendI know that I cant offer her much, but I sure beat her douche bag boyfriendYou may never want meBut love for you is trueSo everywhere I go girlIll be touching myself to youOh...I will masturbate to you in the showerIn the cafeteria during lunch hourGonna play with myself in my Parents you! Oooh, I will masturbate to you on the beachIn the dentists chair while hes cleaning my teethIll never see you again after tonightBut I will masturbate to you for lifeDont dare you sta

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