MASTURBATE FOR LIFE with DJ Lubel, Tiffany Dupont and Chris Carm

Album on iTunes (Wrong Hole) Directed by Bob McKeon Produced by Jake Avnet Masturbate For Life Well its prom night, Im all alone and man I feel so lame. Across the gym, stands the girl of my dreams but she doesnt even know my nameAs I stare my heart skips a beat, she leaves me breathless I cant pretendI know that I cant offer her much, but I sure beat her douche bag boyfriendYou may never want meBut love for you is trueSo everywhere I go girlIll be touching myself to youOh...I will masturbate to you in the showerIn the cafeteria during lunch hourGonna play with myself in my Parents you! Oooh, I will masturbate to you on the beachIn the dentists chair while hes cleaning my teethIll never see you again after tonightBut I will masturbate to you for lifeDont dare you sta