Mastering - Strength, Coordination, Power and Success

Posted by Colorit on Jun. 11, 2011

Professional spray paint aerosol artist Caleb Aero shows how he creates spray painted words with out the use of stenciling, masking, or tape, Aero is purely able to create his own freehand font styles while painting various words like Strength, Power, Success, Faith. These keywords define the passion Aero has for his aerosol street art form and we hope you will appreciate one of the most skilled spray paint artist of our time doing what he does best. For more information or to book Caleb Aero visit Website http-// Spray paint http-// Twitter http-// Facebook http-/// http-// Live the doubt & lose the dream C.A. LTD

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Tags power, paint, skill, master, words, strength, graffiti, agility, faith, balance, accuracy, stencil, endurance, caleb aero, blubber colors

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