MASTER Drawing the Eye in 2 Minutes FEAR/SURPRISE

Today I have two minutes to teach you how to draw the expression of fear in the human eye. I will demonstrate the process step by step and I will try to make it totally painless. Dont be scared, this is what you have to look for- Notice that a fearful eye features a distinct gap between the iris and the top eyelid. This separation is about one fifth the height of the eye. The shape of the eye is slightly taller than a calm eye with a higher arching rainbow on the top eyelid. The bottom eyelid has become more flexed and is hugging the eyeball more than in the calm eye. The biggest difference is the distance between the eyebrow and the eye. The muscles of the forehead pull the eyebrow upwards. The skin between the eyebrow and the eye resembles the tightness of skin tight clothing. The viewer can see the bony area at the top of the eye socket and the rounded shape of the top of the eyeball (which can lead to extreme shadows depending upon the lighting). Step 1- Make a circle with a rainbow shape above it. Leave