Mary Magdalene & The Song of Solomon

Posted by conkling on Feb. 20, 2009

Mary Magdalene & The Song of Solomon(mp4 video)http://www.ralphbuckley.comOne cannot endure the eternal light forever.It is a beautiful idea but, sooner or later...after basking in the all seeing mind, you would surely become accustomed to your surroundings and wish to retire....perhaps to gently fall into the black hole of surrender the ego once and for all.Since you are 'of the source' anyways....the time will come to put aside this old virtual comfort known as the ego.This is beyond the language of words, as we know of them today fact language only becomes a barrier. A postponement of the inevitable.I can hear the ego desperately trying to convince you to hang on...."Now let's talk about this" says the ego to the eternal self.but sooner or've gotta let go...let it all go...!....better to traverse these uncharted lands now...In let go means most of all to let go of the idea of death...nothing ever dies...just transforms...alchemy ...

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