Marilyn Monroe Sex Film

Exclusive footage, never before seen, of an alleged sex film starring one of the most alluring actresses that America ever produced: Marilyn Monroe. Someone paid $15,000 for a grainy sex tape made on a now-extinct Kodak video camera of the original blonde bombshell performing oral relations on some unknown mystery man. His accent and the words he says in the throes of ecstatic passion sound oddly familiar, but no one can really put their finger on who it might have been, and its impossible to gain any more information using the most state-of-the-art voice recognition software. Perhaps it was Joe DiMaggio, married to Ms. Monroe for a short period of time when he was the most famous baseball player in the world. Who knows, it might have even been John F. Kennedy himself, a notorious womanizer and big fan of Marilyns. Either way, this sex film and its reluctant star might just be one of the most famous on record.